Our Roman Empire

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My goodness, how time flies! Since we last saw you, a lot has happened around here. Where do we start?

My big sister Kelly decided to take a big trip out West and not alone either. She packed up her little firecracker Julia and boarded the plane for a Great Adventure that I'm sure will leave lasting memories. She was such a blessing to have in our house. Her time with us was coincidentally right around the time of some of Julia's cousin's birthdays so we got to celebrate so much together.

So Emilee turns 6 on April 25 but wait! Aidan has his big No.1 Birthday on the 17th. He doesn't really seem to care much so we make it a big party for the two of them. Emilee gets her own party first to make sure the girl-gang from school get to have fun. Off to Banana Land we go for some "mazing" and screaming and a quick hot dog stop with a splash of crazy juice and oh yeah, open those presents and take those pictures and back to the marathon of fun.

Skip forward to the next weekend, who said Pinata? What an awesome day for a outdoor birthday. The sun was blazing and the company was amazing. We had friends and family and let me just say that the friends we have had the pleasure of making since attending church are the best! I would give up any day of the week for any one of them just as I know they would do the same. God is so amazing.

Now we're in to May and it's time once again to celebrate our annual brother& sister get together in the Okanagan. We have over the past number of years met up somewhere deep in the Okanagan to cause some trouble and leave no witnesses. But now we already all have kids or are having them so the plans change a little. We're lavishly put up in the Holiday Inn where we're treated to Queen beds, tv and FREE BREAKFAST every morning! So, we're not sleeping on the ground, we've got 2 pregnant ladies in our midst. We of course had a blast and thank you so much to Terry & Michelle for their amazing generosity. I think Aidan was trying a little escape to the campground here. Gotta keep your eye on this little guy!

What next? Oh yeah, we're having so many kids all of a sudden that we start to wonder how we're going to keep them in our yard. So, it's off to build a fence. What I wouldn't do for some help. Did I mention those friends from Church? Yeah, well guess who gave up a day to help out a brother in need? Thanks to the Douglas Clan for making a trip out where Ryan and I dismantled a retaining wall to make room for the soon to be fence. Another glorious day from god, a little warm for our liking but much better than the hole-digging day. So our friends are pretty cool right? Well, try our family on for size. Bro-in-law comes in to town with tools in hand and says, "watch yourself there" Guys, that's code for "gimme that shovel!".
So the fence goes up straight and true and yes, it holds in the kids (thanks to that beautiful gate). The dog is a whole other matter. When did our 10 yr. old mutt become a digger? This ole guy is so determined to escape, it's so funny.

Well my fingers are a little cramped from all this typing. Catching up is hard work. I'm regretting forgetting my password for this thing. I have written it down so I will not forget and I can get back to this quickly. Where did I put that piece of paper???

Monday, May 08, 2006

What a wonderful cake! This is Cheryl's creation that came to life at "Just For Me"; a program offered through our church for women. It provides opportunities for women of faith to meet with others and take mini courses on different subjects. Cheryl's pic tonight just so happened to be Cake Decorating. Isn't she awesome at this!?! I thought I made a good Dora Explorer cake but this might be her calling now.

So now Cheryl's telling me that it wasn't even her cake, she just took the best looking one on the table before anyone else could pick. Oh yeah, and some girl named Tawny thought it all up. Were they really at cake decorating or am being bam-boozled?

This is a picture from Emilee's 1st Marathon. She ran her last mile in the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday, May 7th 2006. We are so proud of our little princess.
She is part of the running club at her school and as a participant, each child basically ran the equivilent of a marathon over the course of the last 8 months. Emilee completed her full marathon by running the last mile with me, her dad, on a very chilly & wet Sunday morning. I don't think that we've ever gotten out of bed that early before, even on a Sunday! Sorry Pastor Barry for not making it back for your Welcome Home Sermon. We missed you while you were away and can't wait to see u next Sunday.

The Picture to the right is, you guessed it, a picture of Emilee, Daddy and Ronald. I thought for sure he would smell like McDonalds, you know, the smell..? :)

This is just an opener. Because the world today moves at a pace that mear mortals can't keep up with, this will be your chance to keep up with at least us, the Romans. We are: Kevin (Dad), Cheryl (Mom), Emilee (daughter), Aidan (son) & Ben (son). Although Ben is only on his way because he is still nice and warm in the womb, we've included him because we know he will be a he and we've decided that his name is BEN.

We hope that you enjoy, with interest, the things that you will find in here. Topics are sure to include such things as "what we ate for dinner the time we had to take Daddy to the hospital", "Where did that line on your belly come from?" and "why do we have to keep having all these kids?".

Enjoy :)